The Cake at Veteran's Park, October 2004 (from left to right) Todd-E-Bones, Mike, Dennis, Sue, Glen, Rob

What is Spaghetti Cake?

Spaghetti Cake is an original rock band for the whole family. Their performance is high-energy, wholesome, and fun for all ages! The music of Spaghetti Cake spans the entire range of musical styles from rock to country, bluegrass to blues, reggae to world grooves. Children who attend a Spaghetti Cake concert get the opportunity to move, dance, sing along, even perform with the band! Spaghetti Cake consists of six professional musicians who are all experienced educators. Their music delivers a positive message of believing in who you are, and celebrates the kid in us all.

One of the most frequently asked questions at live shows is where the name Spaghetti Cake comes from. It is a favorite family recipe that Glen's stepdad Buck used to make for supper. "Comfort Food", if you will. Glen & Sue both decided it would be the perfect title for a family rock band. The original recipe to make Spaghetti Cake is located on their home page.

Who is Spaghetti Cake?

Spaghetti Cake is an original six-piece rock group that performs for all ages. The band features Susan Birk on lead vocals, Glen Nelson on keyboards and vocals, Todd "E Bones" Howard on bass guitar and vocals, Mike Tierney on drums, Dennis Fancher on electric guitar, and Christopher "Mr. E" Eddy on percussion and vocals. The stage show is a lively mix of descriptive performance, Q & A, and real life hands-on musical experience for kids that is regularly met with startled faces, scores of air guitarists, and a generation of will-be musicians. The all-star group of veteran musicians and educators in Spaghetti Cake shine as brightly on the auditorium stage as in front of festival crowds.

Spaghetti Cake's performance and presentation aligns with any school or church music curriculum, as well as the National and Connecticut State Standards for Music. They offer full-band performance, afterschool songwriting workshops, artist-in-residency workshops, and are available to perform as a duo or quartet, depending on your organization's individual needs. SpaghettiCake.Com awaits creative minds who seek more, featuring cool links, photos, interactive activities, and age-appropriate discussion.

Susan Birk & Glen Nelson, the creators of Spaghetti Cake, are musicians, artists, and school teachers. In 2000 they released their debut album, Jam Food, which won the 2001 Children's Web Award for "Best New Artist for Older Children". That same year they released the follow-up, Sunflower. Spaghetti Cake has performed as a full-fledged professional rock band for kids ever since, traveling across the U.S. from Maine to Colorado. The group is also endowed by The Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

Spaghetti Cake is meant for all generations. Brought to life believing that a child's earliest musical encounters influence lifelong learning, the eclectic musicians and infectious songs span musical styles at every turn and bridge the gap between the music of early childhood and adolescence. Susan, Glen, their faithful dog Bodhi, their son Fox, their daughter Vayle, and some very talented friends are continuing their journey to bring families and memories together through the beauty, the passion, and the power of music.

Glen Nelson – Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriter, Founder of Spaghetti Cake
Glen was born on July 18th, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA, with his family soon thereafter settling in New Hartford, CT. Inspired as a child by his mother’s piano and the music of the Beatles, Glen daydreamed of becoming a rock and roller and a songwriting musician. By age 10, Glen was composing songs, authoring science fiction serials, and developing his unique style of cartooning. (Seen today as the colorful characters in Spaghetti Cake art design.) Cutting his musical teeth on the drums, Glen later devoted his talent to the piano. While attending Western Connecticut State University, Glen realized his passion for jazz, and for the Hammond B3 organ. Today, Glen works as a music teacher at Polk Elementary School in Watertown CT, and continues to be a performer, songwriter, and a producer. At Polk School, he has released seven original CDs of music with his students. In addition to a Music Education Degree from Western Connecticut State University, and a Master’s Degree in Music Technology from NYU, Glen recently completed his Sixth-Year Degree in Educational Administration from Sacred Heart University. Other musical credits include a stint with 1950's doo-wop singing group The Five Satins (who recorded the #1 hit "In The Still of the Night") and guest appearances with numerous jazz, rock, and pop artists, both live and in the studio. Glen has also been a member of the popular CT jam rock band, Flipper Dave, for nearly a decade. Spaghetti Cake, Glen's proudest musical achievement with wife and songwriting partner Susan Birk, has propelled him ever nearer to his childhood daydream, while allowing him to share his other true forte, educating young minds through music. Spaghetti Cake has two CDs of original music to their name, has performed for kids and families across New England extensively since 2000, to critical acclaim, and is endowed by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

Susan Birk – Vocals, Lyrics, Graphic Design, Founder of Spaghetti Cake
Susan was born on June 14th, 1969 in Stamford, CT, and spent her first eighteen years growing up in Avon, CT. After earning a B. F. A. in Film, Photography, and Visual Arts from Ithaca College in upstate NY, her work brought her all over Europe and the United States. Susan’s career in the arts began in Los Angeles, CA as an assistant on the set of the film "Hook" and the filmed television series "Pros and Cons" starring James Earl Jones and Richard Crenna. During her junior year she interned with John Henshall Associates in London, England. Two weeks after graduation she relocated to London, England for two and a half years where she became the resident lighting designer for MTV Europe, lighting many of the musical acts on tour during 1990-1993, including Lenny Kravitz, Suzanne Vega, and Paul McCartney. While in London she had the opportunity to work with the Jim Henson Puppeteers on the very popular "Spitting Image", and a pilot episode of "The Winjin' Pom". In addition, she was sent to the 1990 Olympics in Barcelona Spain, Amsterdam, Holland for Sony Digital, Greece, and Portugal. After her European experience, Susan moved to New York, NY where she began working with Business Link, a graphic design, pre-press house in their imaging department, creating and assisting designs for Benneton and Fox Television. Within three months she was promoted to head of the art department. Susan soon thereafter worked for the largest and most prestigious lighting design firm in television, Imero Fiorentino Associates. While there, she worked with HBO Productions, Showtime At The Apollo, Def Comedy Jam, The David Letterman Show, MTV America, The Jon Stewart Show, VH-1, and Politically Incorrect, even lighting a special with Sting at Carnegie Hall. Through all of her many successes, however, Susan’s first love was music. A student of music theory, she had earned a scholarship to Weslyan University in music, playing the flute. Now an art, photography, and pottery teacher at Shepaug High School and Middle School in Washington, CT, Susan has returned to music, partnering with husband Glen Nelson as lyricist, vocalist, and graphic designer for Spaghetti Cake.

Spaghetti Cake in March 2006: (top) Mike, Christopher, Dennis (bottom) Glen, Sue, Todd-E-Bones

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